NHPA welcomes students to become informed and active within the dynamic field of psychology. The Student Organization’s mission includes making the field of psychology more accessible to students, supporting psychology students and their involvement at all levels of education, and encouraging and representing a diverse membership. NHPA is dedicated to supporting students in their development as practitioners, leaders, and advocates for the field of psychology. Questions? Interested in getting involved? Email: Nhpsychologyso@gmail.com


 Christina Marino

 Position: NHPASO Board President

 Years on board: Second year

 In NH we are currently living in a fragile state for our  mental health community. I  recently joined the  NHPA because I believe they are at the forefront of helping to educate and  lead our state towards  effective change and compassionate, competent, accessible care  for  clients. I believe regardless of  our  title, role, and current position, we all as health care  professionals have a call to action. Each one  of us  has a responsibility to use our voice to protect those  who have lost theirs. My goal as an aspiring psychologist is to use my skills to better the lives of others and to serve the community. I can think of no better way to continue to grow in this manner both professionally and personally than to dedicate myself to the NHPA  community.

School: Rivier University

Program: Psy. D. in Counseling and School Psychology, Cohort 2018

Practice Location:

Professional Interest Areas: ethics of practice, industrial psychology, neuropsychology, individual therapy, testing and assessment, and forensic psychology

Contact Information: cmarino@rivier.edu

 Erin Micali

  Position: NHPASO Secretary

  Years on board: First

 Being a young professional in the field of psychology I feel that I am in a unique position where I can  help shape the future of mental health in the state of New Hampshire. As a member of the NHPA I have  the opportunity to follow along as my peers, mentors, and professionals help the congressmen and  women of New Hampshire and the United States shape legislation that will affect people of diverse  backgrounds for generations to come. I hope to use what is being taught in the classroom to help to  shape legislation that will enact a positive change for mental health for all. As such, it is my goal to  continue to work on becoming a competent and ethical psychologist so that I can help mold the future of  mental health both in New Hampshire and across the country. 

School: Rivier University

Program: Psy.D. in Counseling and School Psychology, Cohort 2018

Practice location: Private Practice, Lowell, Massachusetts/ Private Practice, Manchester, New Hampshire 

Professional Interest Areas: Child/adolescent individual therapy, trauma psychology, neuropsychological evaluation, and ethics of practice 

Contact Information: emicali@rivier.edu

  Jonathan Wright 

  Position: NHPASO Membership Chair

  Years on Board: First

 The NHPASO is an opportunity for students to strengthen their voice through advocacy and networking      while developing their professional practice. As a doctoral student of Rivier University, I have learned of    the importance of these professional connections. The organization is composed of those who wish to        promote the field and ensure the wellbeing of others. The NHPASO allows us to contribute to these          pursuits and promote our passion directly to the community. These are only a few of the reasons I            chose to join the NHPASO. As Membership Chair, I hope to extend these values to students 

Rivier University

Program: Psy.D. in Counseling and School Psychology, Cohort 2016

Professional Interest Areas: Testing and assessment, neuropsychology, individual therapy.

Contact Information: jwright@rivier.edu   

 Christina Graziano, MS

 Position: NHPASO Events Coordinator 

 Years on Board: First year

 The field of psychology offers a plethora of career options that may appear daunting for some  students to navigate. The NHPASO provides students the unique opportunity to explore the field  through connections with other students and experienced professionals. These relationships  facilitate conversations about real-world situations beyond those discussed in the classroom. I  joined the NHPASO to organize events that will create a welcoming atmosphere to stimulate and  facilitate these networking opportunities for students.  

 School: Rivier University

Program: PsyD in Counseling and School Psychology

Professional Interest Areas: testing and assessment, forensic psychology, positive psychology,  substance use treatment and recovery, social justice advocacy

Contact information: cgraziano@rivier.edu

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