Jes Leonard, Ph.D.
President Remarks
NHPA Board of Directors
2022 - 2023

Dear NHPA Members, 

As I was preparing for this presidential year, I returned to my presidential remarks from May 2020 – can you believe that was 2 years ago?

As I was reviewing the remarks, I noticed many of the same things ring true today. And not to plagiarize myself, but to reiterate from that speech: What does NHPA mean to me? In identifying that answer, I recognize how state psychological associations have the extraordinary and awesome task of advocating for ALL psychologists and providers of psychology in the state.

NHPA’s voice, like many other years, continues to be strong, organized, and powerful. We have added new members to general membership, to committees, and to leadership roles. As we saw in the end-of-the year summary, we have had visible work through individuals monitoring and testifying on behalf of psychology to lawmakers...we have individuals representing NHPA at board licensing meetings…we have individuals giving free ethics consultations to members...we have individuals working to create helpful and inclusive continued education trainings… we have individuals who are working diligently on their own anti-racism journey….we restarted our group of early career psychologists who are constantly brainstorming ideas to encourage and nurture ECPs in the state...

We also have the countless behind-the-scene hours of work done by our executive support staff – Jena – our fabulous Executive Director; our (not so recently anymore) newly hired Program Manager Brooke Baron (who has become an asset to the organization); (in additional to an amazing Leslie who recently moved on after having served wonderfully for NHPA over the past seven years).

So for our upcoming year, I hope to continue to focus on our already identified priorities:

1) Increasing Communication (as it is the backbone of any organization)

2) Increasing Efficiency (as mostly volunteers, we refer to the mantra, “work smarter, not harder”

3) Encouraging Passions (particularly since we all have specialties and passions to nurture and share)

4) Promoting LOCAL (which we want to keep doing as CE's are a major part of our budget)

(*all which were identified in May of 2020)

5) with our added priority of Promoting Anti-racism/Inclusivity. This last priority has been the focus of the NHPA BoD as we have committed half our board time to trainings and discussions on how to become and promote racial inclusivity personally, professionally, and within our organization.

I can assure you that all of these priorities continue to be present for the NHPA BoD.

So back to my original question, what does NHPA mean to me? NHPA continues to be a hugely satisfying part of my career where I work with like-minded, hardworking, and passionate people who just want to help other providers like you. It connects us, as providers of psychology, as professional helpers, and as advocators for social justice. It’s more than just a Board of Directors, a committee, or a list-serve. It is a platform for all psychologists in the Granite state of NH to inquire, provide support, share resources, and give back to the profession for the greater good of our clients and citizens of NH.

So as I asked in 2020, as we move into a new year –think about “what does NHPA mean to me?” – and if you are willing to consider – “how can I be a part of that?” “What am I passionate about that I can offer?”

I look forward to my second presidential term and continuing our work. Thank you to all our committee members, chairs, Board Members, Executive Members and our Executive Staff of Jena and Brooke.

And lastly, to our amazing past president, Celia. I am always in awe of your kindness, thoughtfulness, and calming leadership and I look forward to following in your footsteps.

I continue to be in awe of everyone’s passions and talents. I look forward to our work together this upcoming year!

Jes Leonard, PhD

New Hampshire Psychological Association

PO Box 1492     |   Dover, NH 03821 

Phone- 603-415-0451

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