Inclusion & Equity Committee

Acknowledging the Ongoing Racially Motivated Violence:
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NHPA Inclusion and Equity Mission Statement

Racism hurts everyone. 

Racism is intergenerationally transmitted and baked into our political, economic, educational, religious, and justice systems.

The field of psychology is not immune to this pathology.

Psychology has conditioned us to elevate Whiteness and patriarchy. We see this in how we define normalcy, human development, mental illness, mental health, and resilience.

The more we participate in this system, the more we are rewarded by titles, privileges, and access.

The more Psychologists avoid addressing this systemic racism, the more harm we cause—to our clients, and to one another, within both White and BIPOC communities. 

As members of the NHPA Inclusion and Equity Committee, we are committed to the following:

·      Active interrogation of Whiteness in our personal and professional lives on a daily basis

·      Detecting, naming, opposing, and replacing racism

·      Facilitating and participating in honest conversations with each other about upending racism 

We invite you now to consider some questions that could serve as a starting point in your own antiracism journey: 

1) Can you detect racism’s impact on your life? 

2) Do you see how your life has benefitted from racism? 

3) How has racism harmed you as a White person or person of color?

We have experienced the healing that can occur through engaging in ongoing rigorous antiracist work. And we can see how doing this work make us less harmful to others and to ourselves. 

Anti-racism is ethics in motion.

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